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"This book has massive explanatory power. It can liberate your mind."
Jeffrey Tucker, executive editor of Laissez Faire Books


“Government is a sector with a very high barrier to entry. In fact, you must win the election or start a revolution to try a new form of government.”

Patri Friedman


Frank Karsten: 10 reasons democracy fails.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Democracy, The God That failed. For sale
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Frank Karsten on LewRockwell.com,
Democracy Is Destroying Your Wealth and Freedom. Local webpage is here

"Democracy Can’t Be Fixed. It’s Inherently Broken" - Interview with co-author Frank Karsten for Against Politics and on Lew Rockwell Local webpage is here

Review by Aschwin de Wolf on Against Politics

Interview with Frank Karsten for The Optimist magazine

Interview with Frank Karsten for German Employers Association

Frank Karsten on Laissez Faire Books, Democracy Is Inherently Broken. Local webpage is here

Foreword by Douglas French of Laissez Faire Books Democracy Is a Terrible System, Period

"The False Promise of Democracy" - Article by Karel Beckman on Lew Rockwell (Local webpage here)

Review by Dieter W. Schpazzlebaum: Is Democracy Still Viable? and review by T.J. Nelson: here

Review by Chris Bassil for Capitalism.hk: Beyond Democracy, Toward Freedom

Review by Sukrit Sabhlok for Indianlink.com: Is there an alternative to democracy?


Rationale Ignoranz - Rezension von Hubert Milz

Die Demokratische Krise und das Schweizer Modell als Ausweg


Translation of Democracy Is Destroying Your Wealth and Freedom by Pavel Koktyshev.


Review by Petri Kajander Demokratiasta tuli pyhä lehmä


Como a democracia destrói riqueza e liberdade. Translation by Victor Maia.
A falsa promessa da democracia. Translation by Fernando Ferreira.


A review of the book by Dobray.


A (partial) Ukrainian translation of the book by Hanna Slobodyanyuk.


The introduction of the book in Serbian.