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"To challenge democracy is brave. To do it in print is heroic."
Doug French, Senior editor of Laissez Faire Books

Table of contents

Introduction - Democracy: the last taboo
  • The democratic faith
  • Democracy = collectivism
"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

Winston Churchill
I - Myths of democracy
  • Myth 1 - Every vote counts
  • Myth 2 - The people rule in a democracy
  • Myth 3 - The majority is right
  • Myth 4 - Democracy is politically neutral
  • Myth 5 - Democracy leads to prosperity
  • Myth 6 - Democracy is necessary to ensure a fair distribution of wealth and help the poor
  • Myth 7 - Democracy is necessary to live together in harmony
  • Myth 8 - Democracy is indispensable to a sense of community
  • Myth 9 - Democracy equals freedom and tolerance
  • Myth 10 - Democracy promotes peace and helps to fight corruption
  • Myth 11 - People get what they want in a democracy
  • Myth 12 - We are all democrats
  • Myth 13 - There is no (better) alternative
The main drive for politicians in a democracy is the desire to be re-elected. Therefore, their horizon usually does not reach beyond the coming elections.
II - The crisis of democracy
  • The sins of democracy
  • Why things keep getting worse
  • Why we need less democracy
III - Towards a new political ideal
  • Decentralization and individual liberty
  • A market for governance
  • Decentralization in Switzerland
  • A contractual society
  • The road to freedom
  • A bright future
Afterword- Libertarianism and democracy