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"This book has massive explanatory power. It can liberate your mind."
Jeffrey Tucker, executive editor of Laissez Faire Books


"There is a difference between democracy and freedom. Freedom is not measured by the opportunity to vote. It can be measured by the scope of what we do not vote about."

John T. Wenders
Karel BeckmanKarel Beckman
Karel Beckman is a writer and journalist. He is founder and chief editor of the independent internet publication Energy Post (www.energypost.eu). Before that he was chief editor of European Energy Review and worked as journalist at the Dutch daily newspaper Financieele Dagblad. Earlier he published a critical book about global warming and other eco-scares (Het Broeikaseffect Bestaat Niet: De Mythe van de Ondergang van het Milieu - in Dutch only).
He can reached via email at karel@beyonddemocracy.net.

Frank KarstenFrank Karsten
Frank Karsten is founder of Mises Instituut Nederland and of the More Freedom Foundation, a Dutch libertarian organization which acts to reduce taxes and government intervention. He regularly appears in public to speak against the growing interference of the State in the lives of citizens.
He can reached via email at